Mondinsieme – il Centro Interculturale del Comune di Cremona

Un punto di riferimento per i cittadini stranieri, un punto di incontro per tutte le culture

Guida Inglese

Guida Inglese

This booklet contains useful information to foreign citizens for daily life, the list of agencies and offices to turn to and a brief description of the services offered. It was made possible thanks to a project created by the Intercultural Center Mondinsieme.
The Intercultural Center Mondinsieme is

  • A meeting point between Italian citizens and foreigners;
  • A place to learn about the cultures of the countries of origin of foreign citizens and promote the participation of all, foreigners and italians, to the many cultural events that take place in towns;
  • A place to get information on services for immigrants

The Intercultural Center is particularly aimed to associations of foreign citizens, to facilitate their growth and their activities.
The associations may in fact facilitate the dialogue between the institutions and “new citizens”.
The inter-religious table also operates at the Interculutal Center, gathering the representatives of the churches in the area in order to raise awareness about different religions and dialogue between the churches, in the name of common values of piace, understanding and brotherhood among people.
All foreigners are invited to contact the Intercultural Center to inquire about services, opportunities and events and also to propose initiatives so that, with the cooperation of everybody, the Center can progressively become a place of participation and culture for foreign citizens and Italians together.

The Councillor for the Rights of Citizenship
Dr. Maria Vittoria Ceraso


Education and School
Social Services
Rights and discrimination

Useful Numbers
Italian holidays

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